How to Combat Housing Segregation; What the Auto Bailout Means for Blacks

Algernon Austin presents an excellent, concise, and wonderfully read scholarly examination of the complicated landscape of race, class and popular perception. Besides the prison industrial complex, black strides in education, poverty rates, crime and other indices contradict claims that blacks are “moving backward.”
--Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar, Director, Institute for African American Studies, University of Connecticut and author of Black Power: Radical Politics and African American Identity (The Johns Hopkins University Press), 2004 and Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap (University Press of Kansas), 2007.

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Combat Housing Segregation and Support Diversity

by Margery Austin Turner

"Research strongly suggests that Americans want more residential integration than we are getting. But a self-perpetuating combination of inequities, fears, and inertia work against this goal. Given the complexity of the factors sustaining residential segregation in urban America today, the federal government should take the lead on a three-pronged strategy: (1) enforcement to combat persistent discrimination, (2) education on the availability and desirability of diverse neighborhoods, and (3) incentives to encourage and nurture residential diversity. Each is essential to achieving the full potential of the other two."

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African Americans are especially at risk in the auto crisis

by Robert E. Scott and Christian Dorsey

"African Americans earn much higher wages in auto industry jobs than in other parts of the economy, and the loss of these solid, middle-class jobs would be a devastating blow. Hourly wages for African Americans in the motor vehicle industry averaged $17.08 (excluding fringe benefits) in 2007, versus economy-wide average wages for African American of $15.44 per hour."

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