Hundreds Line Up For Little Caesars Jobs

[Every year or so I see basically this same article. Some service sector employer opens a new store and hundreds of people who some conservatives like to say don't want to work show up hoping to get a job that pays minimum wage with few, if any, benefits. We probably need to see these stories at least once a month for the truth to sink into public consciousness broadly.]

When he saw a “now hiring” sign outside a new fast-food pizza joint near his house, Andre Earl got in line and waited over an hour for a minute-long interview.

Earl, who’s 30, was one of over 200 people who streamed through Little Caesars Pizza shop Thursday at the corner of Ella T. Grasso Boulevard and Whalley Avenue. The store is set to open Sept. 10 in a space formerly occupied by Dunkin’ Donuts.

Earl said he’s been searching for work for six years, since the toy store he was working in at the Milford Mall closed. He said he has put in applications up and down Whalley Avenue to no avail. [read more]